Coach Approach to Onboarding-Coaching Demo with Ian Weiss and Carollyne Conlinn

A Coach Approach to Onboarding Video:
In any business, the process of onboarding has the power to significantly influence the success (or failure) of the newly hired employee.
In this coaching Demo, Carollyne Conlinn uses the coach approach to support Essential Impact’s new business manager, Ian Weiss, through the challenge of navigating his new position.
Watch as Ian is coached and emerges with tangible short-term goals to help focus his efforts as he continues to learn the core functions of his new job.

About the Coach
Carollyne Conlinn is a partner at Essential Impact, an award-winning coaching company. She has been a Master Certified Coach for almost 20 years and is a lead faculty member at the Royal Roads Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching program. Carollyne holds two master’s degrees and has worked with hundreds of leaders and their teams to integrate coaching into their success strategies.

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