Our Own Family Business: Daring to Dream

My wife Marj, our business partner Carollyne and I have had a dream of passing our coaching company onto either a Coach/Facilitator within Essential Impact or a family member. We have no idea which one of our kids or coaches might even be interested, much less capable and we want to make sure we explore this thoroughly before we transition the company.

Our Context:

We have high expectations for our kids which comes out of the same belief system we had when coaching our kids in sports.  

Our kids were expected to be the hardest working and do the most push ups or “suicides” if they lost a contest or broke a rule in practice. They earned playing time based on meeting a slightly or in some cases a significantly higher standard than other players.

We didn’t want our kids to be seen as benefiting from having Dad or Mom as the coach. Although I’m sure we weren’t always successful at this, it was very important to us that our kids and their teammates would firmly believe that our kids only got what they earned.

I think it served our kids well and certainly seems to have helped them stay out of victim or entitlement mindsets.

The challenge this puts in front of the children in our family is a higher bar to clear than others…not entirely fair although it has served our family well so far.

As a parent and husband the experience and learning that occurs in our family because of our business is a high value asset that never shows up in our financials. I believe it does show up in how we relate to our staff and contractors…now if I could just get clear on when that is positive versus negative for the family and the company…Sigh!

“What got me here was perfect for what got me here…however it never felt perfect!”

About the Author
Dave Busse Dave Busse is a partner at Essential Impact, an award winning leadership coaching company. Along with his EI team, Dave has helped hundreds of companies in a wide variety of industries implement coaching for specific changes in organizational culture.

He holds an MBA from Royal Roads University and is an Associate Faculty in the Certified Executive Coaching program, also at RRU.
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