Introducing Lead2Excel, a mobile application for coach and leadership training.

You have made a significant  investment in coach training. How can you ensure that investment flourishes for years to come?

After  many years of providing coach training to individuals and organizations around the world, we wondered how we might use mobile technology to support our clients to:

  • continue their learning beyond the classroom
  • build confidence in their ability to coach
  • use coaching effectively in an organizational setting
  • Lead other using coaching skills on a day to day basis

So we worked with Dr. David Chandross, leading researcher in gamified learning to create Lead2Excel.

According to David’s research, adding gaming elements to  learning applications has been proven scientifically to support retention. In addition, the use of virtual learning environments and simulation have been shown to build skill confidence that encourages people to change their behaviour and apply their new skills.

We know that the more you practice your coaching skills, the more you improve. Lead2Excel provides a fun environment where you can do just that!

With Lead2Excel, you have:

  • Freedom to work on coaching skills whenever convenient
  • Learning choices that accommodate different learning styles.
  • Coaching examples from business, leadership, and team building as well as areas of personal mastery to practise your skills.
  • “Daily Challenges” that ask players to take an action (such as be coached or coach someone) in the workplace.
  • An engaging and fun learning tool that offers content appropriate for both new, and experienced coaches.
  • The ability to gauge coaching activity in your organization
  • Notification and survey capabilities, for quick feedback
  • Customization options

Download the app now for a 30-day trial.