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Why we coach

We love to create and build community and connection with people. Whether it’s the work we do at Royal Roads University, with our corporate clients, or in our public Social Enterprise Excelerator Development System (SEEDS) workshops, we are fortunate to work with inspiring people who care about others, their organizations, and want to make a difference in the world. This inspiration feeds our clients and us, the coaches.

“We develop leaders by creating an environment in which head and heart connect and that is where purpose, leadership and engagement live and grow, leading to permission to see possibility…”

Dave Busse, Co-Founder

Develop Leaders

We specialize in improved business leadership, enhanced bench strength, quality employee recruitment and retention, and more engaged employees. Our skilled coaches use a framework of inquiry that helps people find their own answers, redefine and generate new direction and purpose. These empowered people positively influence their co-workers, families, friends, and this effect widens into our larger community.

Reach new Heights

Through experimentation, creativity, empathetic challenge and questions that are generated during a coaching conversation, great ideas are strengthened. As authenticity and honesty take shape, people start to deal with issues that otherwise don’t come to the forefront.

Increase ROI

We customize our coaching to the strategic business objectives that you want to achieve: increased revenue and productivity, and measurable ROI. We determine our success not only by our awards and the words of appreciation we regularly receive from our clients, but also by the exemplary ROI we provide.

People want to work with us and be part of our community. Over the last seven years we have delighted in developing and nurturing a large cross-Canadian community of coaches, business executives, human resources professionals, and other like-minded people. They are drawn to us because of the quality of our work and the actualization of our values: authenticity, the mobilization of head and heart, and our commitment to fun and well being. The “secret sauce” in our coaching, a must-have ingredient, is creating a space where we can be real – open, authentic, and honest.