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Essential Impact has developed a mentor coaching package to address a new requirement by the International Coach Federation (ICF) for more support, structure, and quality control to mentor coaching. This offering provides the 10 hours of mentor coaching that are a requirement for coaching certification. The total number of group mentor coaching sessions equals seven hours (this is accepted by ICF as mentor coaching hours). Each participant also receives three hours of personal one-on-one coaching.

This offering is open to graduates of the Excelerator Mastery Workshop (5 day) or Excelerator™ Essentials Workshop (3 day).

Group Calls

Sign up to participate in five group calls where you will take turns coaching each other and listening to coaching sessions. The program is led by Ed Temple, an Essential Impact associate coach. Personalized coaching feedback will be provided to the coach when coaching by the facilitator. This supports learning and development for the coach and the group.

Each session will be taped so you can review your coaching skills and feedback.

Space is limited to 7 participants to ensure everyone has a chance to coach and receive feedback.

The group conference calls will take place on Wednesday morning at 9:00 PM MST starting October 23rd and running until January 29th. The group teleclasses are 90 minutes long. See the schedule below:

– October 23rd: 9:00am-10:30am MST
– November 13th: 9:00am-10:30am MST
– December 4th: 9:00am-10:30am MST
– January 8th: 9:00am-10:30am MST
– January 29th: 9:00am-10:30am MST

If you have to miss a group coaching call, you will be given the opportunity to listen to the recording and submit a written feedback report for approval. If a second call is missed then the participant is required to make up that call with one-to-one coaching which will be billed at $150 per call.

Private Coaching

This coaching also includes three private one-on-one coaching calls with Ed Temple.

Private coaching calls can be scheduled between group calls or within three months of the program commencing. We will work with you to find a mutually agreeable time.

During the private coaching sessions, you will coach a person of your choice while your mentor listens. After the coaching session, your coach will give your private verbal and written feedback on areas you did well in and what could be improved.

With the three one-on-one individual mentor coaching sessions, there is an expectation that at least one of the calls with your mentor coach be a coaching feedback session, where the mentee coaches for 30 minutes. A mentor coach feedback conversation follows to complete the hour. The other two sessions may be used for coaching, mentor coaching, or coaching feedback sessions.

Feedback from Past Participants

“The calls were very well facilitated. Great sense of community built by the facilitators in just those few calls.”
– Matthew Smedley, Executive Director, Mission Possible

“It totally helped me get back in the coaching mode. It helped me become more aware of the importance of being fully present and asking key questions.”
– Grace Fox–Author, Speaker, Co-Director of International Messengers Canada

“I had been exposed to some coach training through another organization but Essential Impact took the training to another level. My coach and I have had a number of 1:1 sessions. She’s a fantastic coach and a great mentor! I am currently coaching 4 individuals and I have seen first-hand the benefits of having a coach to those individuals and to our organization.”
– Anonymous Review

About the Mentor Coaches

Mentor Coaches are trained by Essential Impact and are ICF certified.

Mentor coaches have hundreds of hours working with new coachees who are perfecting their coaching skills with goal of becoming ICF certified. Ed Temple will be the coach for the private coaching sessions.


6 available
Mentor Coaching - October 23 Start$1,499.00